John Thomason – Veteran Testimonial

photo of John Thomason

I’ve been with Bank of the West for over 20 years, seems like a long time, but not as long as the 23 years I was affiliated with the US Army and US Army Reserve. I am currently responsible for the Corporate Services Division, an administrative unit responsible for Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and the Enterprise Policy and Records and Information Management programs. I have been involved in many activities across the Bank, starting out as a Relationship Manager in Real Estate Industries Division (REID).

I’ve been along for the ride through our tremendous growth period, directly participating and sometimes leading portions of our acquisition activities. Always being flexible and ready to accept challenges, I was moved through a variety of roles, including CRE manager, Area Manager for REID, REID Head, back to CRE Manager, stood up the Real Estate Managed Assets Department during the recession, as well as being responsible for Procurement, Third Party Program, and Enterprise Project Office activities.

When the Bank was much smaller, I recall being one of less than a handful of reservists; even then the Bank was very supportive of my obligations, which allowed me to contribute more than traditional service expectations. I am one of the Executive Sponsors of the Vets Employee Resource Group. I’m excited to be supporting the Vets Employee Resource Group that is focused on my cohort of Vets. This Employee Resource Group is the newest of many, but has the broadest reach, as veterans may have affiliations with all other resource groups, because our military community is as diverse as our population.

Vets Employee Resource Group is an opportunity to increase the Banks awareness of veteran’s issues. Providing an internal support network, an external outreach to both assist Vets, as well as attract Vets to Bank employment opportunities. Military communities are usually tight knit and supportive networks, we can establish the same environment of camaraderie and spirit, which will make this a better place to work and thrive.